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I welcome the opportunity to share my insights, training, and purest intentions to those seeking balance and contentment in their lives. I have been studying Eastern contemplative texts and practices for over seven years. I am a certified teacher of Cultivating Emotional Balance (CEB)—an educational training that helps people understand their own personal experiences with and responses to difficult emotions, and teaches skills for constructively dealing with those emotions in their everyday lives. 

Professional background and experience

By day, I am a communications professional for a very large tech company in Washington. Prior to my communications work in the tech industry, I spent many years in the legislative and public policy arenas both at the state and federal levels, then worked for non-profit organizations advocating for civil rights and civil liberties. For the last several years I’ve been studying the Dharma and cultivating my meditation and yoga practices. I am also a published freelance writer. I live in my favorite city of Seattle with my wife and two children. My pronouns are she/her.

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